Botanical and Floral Painting Workshop, 13th April, Cirencester


Botanical and Floral Painting Workshop, 13th April, Cirencester


Workshop Details:
Botanical and Floral Painting Workshop
13th April / 10am-11:30am
@The Bothy, 12 Ashcroft Rd, Cirencester GL7 1QX


This workshop will focus on developing skills and applying techniques allowing you to grow in confidence and start to develop your own style..The workshop will start with a colour mixing demonstration allowing you to become familiar with the paint and different effects that can be created.
Then you'll learn how simple brush strokes can be used to create leaves, flowers and stems and how these can be ranged to create florals. We will also be covering other festive elements such as christmas trees, backdrops, florals, wording and more!

*You will be given a complete set of materials which you can take away after class, including guide sheets, paper, watercolour set and a brush.

* We'll start with colour theory, colour mixing and exercises to practice making simple shapes and brush strokes.

* You'll then work on a final piece, sketching and painting from life, with plenty of hands on guidance and encouragement from the tutor. By the end of the workshop you'll be well on your way to developing your own unique watercolour style.

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